Tuesday, 22 January 2008

I got some slides back from when i went to Lake Windermere, im pretty pleased with how they came out, and i even mastered the negative scanner. Other than that, theres not much to say. My zine for my university application is coming along OK, not brilliant, but ok im hoping to do two more drawings tommorow and then really kick things up on Thursday, and if i really need to, take Friday morning off to get everything finnished before i head up to London, then off to Manchester. Its all very exciting/nerve racking.

Monday, 21 January 2008

So today i got the date for my interview with Manchester Metropolitan University, its next Monday. Next Monday as in seven days away from now. Next Monday as in oh holy fucking shit i havn't started my entry project yet. So i've spent the afternoon getting it all together and fretting about what to take in as my portfolio.

This is the first page. The style of drawing is slightly inspired by Quentin Blake (the artist i chose to look at from the project brief) Its supposed to be buildings in Manchester (pretty arn't they? even though i used some artistic licence) ill then go on to document the train journey, our boat trip and the lovelly walk we took (including me falling down the mountain.) So wish me luck and i can promise a few more updates in the next few days including, hopefully, photographs of the finished product

Saturday, 19 January 2008

1AM, Drone music, lots of patterns = huge headache. I've just started my new graphics project. Im creating a zine called No Purchase Necassary. It's a art zine based around ideas of consumerism. The zine bit i dont have a problem with, its the anti consumerism bit im finding difficult. I've only just realised, i really really like stuff. Im contemplating buying a graphic tablet so i can try doing some stuff on illustrator (before my free trial runs out) but i've never used one, and £200 is alot to pay for something that i may be absolute shit with. Plus, i really want to get my shiney new macbook soon...