Friday, 29 February 2008

Cellulose printing

Whats funner than spending an afternoon getting high off of paint thinner fumes all in the name of making some pretty distressed looking prints? Not much. These arn't too clear due to my sub-standard printer, but they're basicly some really nice distressed looking old sea side postcards ect for my new project on the decline of british sea side resorts.

What's not very fun is being bullied by your father to come down the pub because "there's some band playing." Gee dad thanks, just what i want after spending all day stressing about how much work i need to do, and what!? a band!? BRILLIANT as a youth i automaticly love all "bands" that play down crappy pubs in the arse end of Southsea.

The prospect of gin is one too exciting to ignore though...

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